We are a premium telecom turnkey project management company.

Our key focus is to provide passive communication infrastructure services mainly to telecom operators and internet service providers (ISPs).

End to End OFC Network Roll-out

DEPL is one of the leading Telecom (Passive) Infrastructure Provider for Telco’s and have IP-1 Infrastructure Provider license.

Operation and Maintenance

At DEPL, we strive to provide qualitative, dependable and responsive solutions for the maintenance requirements in the telecom industry.

IP Infrastructure Service Provider

Dinesh Engineers Ltd. (DEPL), a pioneer in the field of Passive Telecom Infrastructure, is today a premium brand in the sector in India.

Dark Fiber Provider

DEPL is one of the oldest and trusted Dark Fibre providers in the country continuously expanding its current reach of over 20 States, towards a pan India coverage.

Gas and Electricals Roll-out

DEPL undertakes laying of MDPE Pipelines, GI & ERW Pipelines, Installation of Service Regulators, Copper Piping for providing PNG inside...

OFC Rollout for Smart City

DEPL fibers play a crucial role in enabling the deployment of smart city infrastructure such as surveillance systems.

FTTx Rollout

We ensure our installations are fully compliant to your specifications and are of the highest technical integrity. This guarantees network reliability and longevity of investment.

Working silently to connect your world

Building secure and reliable telecommunications infrastructure is key to creating a truly connected world. At DEPL, we’re proud to be one of the pioneering passive infrastructure companies that seamlessly connects millions of computers and mobile devices every second of every day.




Our journey and the path forward

From a humble start in 1998, we were soon in pole position, pioneering the laying of interstate fiber networks. Our growth was rapid in this area especially since government organizations and ultimately governments themselves started outsourcing projects, especially in Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. Our dedication, and work ethic ensured we were at the forefront in the race.

A second, more powerful impetus to our growth occurred during the privatization era that also witnessed the phenomenal rise of mobile communication. We soon became a trusted partner of telecom giants in India.

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